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"Designed to be safe for expectant mothers, any woman can benefit from its deeply emollient features. As an added bonus, you can also use it to soften heels, knees and elbows." - Lorraine Ladish, MAMIVERSE



"We had great success using the baby diaper balm! No major rashes came up during the review period but Pyur did help with the small ones.The aroma was nice and herbally without being too strong" - HOUSEWIFE MAMA




" I love them all! The best part, is that these products are all vegan, and all natural. The packaging is wonderful in a simple way that is oh so elegant!" - WHAT MAMA WANTS




" It spreads on evenly and leaves your skin with a healthy sheen....the perfect healthy pregnancy glow! " - ECOSAFE





"The first thing I tried was obviously the belly butter. I fell in love with this product right off the bat. Not only was it rich and nourishing, but it smelled GREAT! " - Johnna (Domesticated Delight)


“ Their products for mom are geared towards the pregnant and/or nursing woman but really, any mom would enjoy these! The samples I tried were wonderfully rich and (despite being neither pregnant nor nursing) I found them to be quite luxurious!” - Diane Hoffmaster (Turning The Clock Back)


“The natural, vegan products at Pyur should defintely be on your must-have list.” - Laura Deluca (New Age Mama)


“I have a pretty huge arsenal of baby/mama beauty products, but some of my all-time faves are from Pyur. Looooooove this brand! ? ? ? "small">- Sunny Subramanian (Vegan Beauty Review)


Belly Butter

Definitely get it if you look for a feeling of luxury, great smell and peace of mind that you did something good for your body. I am amazed by the smell and silk texture! This butter melts with your body heat and goes on like an oil. I love using it after shower and feel how my skin drinks it up immediately. I also use it often during the day and it does absorb well leaving my skin soft, moisturized and with no stains on my clothing. For night time I use more heavy and oily cream but Pyur mama is a definite winner of a day time belly butter. I'm 8 mos. pregnant, I gained 31 pounds and I can't see even one stretch mark on my body. Don't hesitate - buy it and try! — Magda B.

I've used Pyur's Belly Butter and one can feel Nature's soothing hands reestablish balance and skin life. These products are "Pyur" Joy for the body and spirit! — Hellen A.

Nipple Balm

No one tells you how hard it is to breastfeed ... How painful it could be. I used the nipple balm and it was amazing how quickly my nipples started to heal — Eva R.

Nourishing Baby Lotion

I can't stop myself from using it on my own body. It's great as a hand cream and a body lotion. I feel as if I just left the best SPA when I have it on me. The smell lifts my spirit to a happiness level! My baby isn't born yet and surely the jar of baby lotion will be gone before he arrives!” — Magda B

“My type of skin is very dry and sensitive, especially my face, and not all products work well on me. So, I decided to try Pyur Nourishing baby lotion, and it instantly worked. My face is not red and it doesn't itch after using it either. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin since I started applying it every day and night. I believe it is due to the quality of the organic products utilized and the fact that it doesn't contain any chemicals that may irritate or damage your skin. I also fell in love with the Organic Scrubs. They are rich with aromatic oils like coconut (which I personally adore), and it leaves my skin moisturized. It also gives that extra shine that dry skin needs...and the scents? Oh !! You just have to try them all !!! — Kiyomi V

Eucalyptus Chest Rub

I can tell that I'm using the Eucalyptus Chest Rub on my two girls and I love it. It is not too strong. My youngest has a very delicate skin and I use it even with her when she has a cold. It is incredible how it helps her and doesn't irritate her like other rubs. As a designer I also can tell that I love the packaging and the graphic image! — Clarissa M

Baby Soap

I just Love this soap bar, It is very soft and creamy. The perfect size to use for a baby. I don't notice that greasy layer on the bath tub after I use it. Love the smell and most important my 1 month old baby is sleeping so much better after her bath with this soap — Emma K

“Pyur Baby Soap fits my bill when it comes to being safe and natural...

I love how relaxed and soft is our skin after using the soap bar. I use it for my two kids and I even use it for my face! I also like the fact that it is earth friendly, you don't have to use much water to wash and it uses less packaging! — Lya P

Hair and Body Wash

I have always been very pragmatic.....It is so practical to have a soap and shampoo in the same container. It is very easy to wash my little one and most important it gives me peace of mind that I'm not using sulphates, numbing agents and parabens on my girls! — Julia C

Gift Sets

I was given the whole baby collection when my baby was born and started using it right away. I just feel is one of the best products I've used for my baby and for myself. When you start reading the ingredient list you notice how hard it is to find natural and harmless products for babies. So I stay with Pyur bebe. — Diana P.

Pyur products not only smell and feel good, they look GREAT. I bought the Gift Set and gave it as a beautiful packet to one of my friends: she loved it and so did her baby girls. I recommend getting them as a combo for your next special gift for the new moms. I will try the new Pyur soap bar, sounds yummy.”— Carolina S.

Dear Pyur, My baby is now 3 months old and still not sleeping trough the night, so I decided to give myself a hot bath with your Relaxing Bath Salts. I quickly felt the smell of grapefruits and lavender and I totally loved it! My husband caught me in the process and found it very very sexy. Thank you! ;).”— Gian B.



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