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Hair and Body Wash

8 Oz. reviews

Developed with only the best and mildest ingredients. This pH balanced shampoo and body wash is gentle on your baby's skin. Is ideal for calming, soothing and cleansing delicate hair and sensitive skin. Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, relaxing lavender and chamomile essential oils, and moisture-rich ingredients. It comes in an easy pump bottle, allowing you to dispense the soap with one hand, while holding your baby with the other. Pyur Hair and Body Wash can be used as a body wash, hand wash and as shampoo.

USE: Apply a small amount on the palm of your hand or soft cloth, gently massage onto baby's skin or add to running water to make a baby-safe bubble bath. Rinse off with warm water.

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No artificial fragrances or dyes
No sulfates
Certified Organic ingredients
No numbing agents added
No petroleum-based ingredients
Vegan certified
100% Recyclable container
certified vegan
hair and body wash

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