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Now Pyur offers an exclusive collection of accessories made with recycled materials.

This collection of paper earrings is made in Venezuela by Maria Esther Galbán. She uses paper and other found objects like real parrot feathers from her house to create beautiful and unique wearable pieces of art.

Below are her latest creations, be sure to add these pieces of art to your shopping cart!

  • 11
    Green Feather (front & back)
Green Feather SOLD
  • 11
    Night Feather (front & back)
Night Feather SOLD
  • 11
    Earth Beetle (front & back)
Earth Beetle SOLD
  • 11
    Green Owl (front & back)
Green Owl SOLD
  • 11
    Carnival Owl (front & back)
Carnival Owl SOLD
  • 11
    Dream Owl (front & back)
Dream Owl SOLD
  • 11
    Spring Bird (front & back)
Spring Bird SOLD
  • 11
    Night Owl (front & back)
Night Owl SOLD
  • 11
    Turpial (front & back)
Turpial SOLD
  • 11
    Sky Beetle (front & back)
Sky Beetle SOLD

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